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Shapali's Tons Of Torque "Torque"

Owner: Hyung Gyu Cho "Winners Valley Kennel"


- 2007 New Korean Champion.

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    SIRE: KOR/CH Shapali's Tons Of Torque ''Torque''

~Daniel's Father~




G.SIRE: CKC, UKC BIS/CH Innisfree's The Specialist "Stallone"

~G.Sire of  Father Line~





G.G.SIRE: CAN,AM/CH. Innisfree's Golden Eye "James Bond"

~G.G.Sire of  Father Line~




G.DAM: CAN,UKC BIS/CH. Shapali's Impulsive Poison Ivy "Ivy"

~G.Dam of  Father Line~




       G.G.SIRE: AM, CAN BISS. BIS. INT/CH. Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm "Nikki"

~G.G.Sire of  Father Line~




G.G.DAM: CAN, UKC BIS/CH.Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar "Cinna"

~G.G.Dam of  Father Line~






~G.G.G.Parents Of Father Line~


 G.G.G.SIRE :CAN,AM/CH Innisfree's Fire and Frost

G.G.G.SIRE : CAN,AM/CH Innisfree's Fire and Frost

 G.G.G.DAM : CAN/CH Innisfree's Hunt For Silver

 G.G.G.SIRE : CAN, AM/CH Kalonik's Woodchip

  G.G.G.SIRE: CAN, AM/CH Aurluk's Nikita Sunrise

 G.G.G.DAM : CAN/CH Octobersun's Stormwarning Echo




DAM: J-MULTI BIS/CH Aquarius Hera Of Winners Valley "Hera"

~Daniel's Mother~




     G.SIRE: Multi BIS, BOS, AKC, KOR, GR/CH Top Gun's Hakuna Matata "Matata"

~G.Sire of Mother Line~




G.G.SIRE: AM, KOR/CH Skrimshaw's Slow Ryde "Ryde"

~G.G.Sire of Mother Line~




    G.DAM: Uri of Cool Kennel "Uri"

~G.Dam of Mother Line~




~Other Forefathers Of Mother Line ~

 G.G.DAM : KOR/CH Casey's Sara Bell of The Midnight Sun

  G.G.G.SIRE : AM/CH Innisfree's Skrimshaw Renegade

 G.G.G.DAM : AM/CH Karasmova's Chynna

 G.G.G.SIRE : AM/CH Holy Smoke of The Midnight Sun

  G.G.G.DAM : AM/CH Tunguska Ten of The Midnight Sun

 G.G.G.SIRE : AM/CH Alcinta's Lazer of Northern Lights



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